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Country Heat Test Group

I was so excited to get to pick up my postpartum transformation workout last night EARLY as it JUST released! This workout, called Country Heat, is just what I need postpartum and what SO many will get amazing transformations with!

Welcome Baby Theodore Carter Lipoff

Baby Theodore Carter Lipoff arrived at 11:04pm on 7/20 after about 30-40...

Maternity Pictures: To Do or Not to Do?

So thankful I decided to get maternity pictures done! Even the maternity boudoir pics on the left that I was terrified to do! They seriously bring tears to my eyes and will help me remember these moments forever!

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Almond Joy Smoothie Bowl

Almond Joy Smoothie Bowl Almond Joy Smoothie Bowl 2015-11-24 08:01

Pumpkin Protein Brownies

Amazingly yummy, pumpkin and grain-free, high protein brownies...

Healthy Coconut Pancakes

Directions: blend all ingredients except for toppings in a blender and turn into a batter! Cook just like pancakes!

Bridal Bootcamp

Everyone wants to look incredible on their wedding day, but most importantly, FEEL incredible and confident! I'm looking for ladies to join me on my journey to my BEST body by my wedding day and beyond as well as their bridal party and mothers...

Wedding Rules that You Can Break!

#1: You Must Have an Even Number of Bridesmaids and Groomsmen in Your...

Brooke’s Must Have-Apps for Wedding Planning!

Appy Couple (FREE APP, $35 one-time website/app setup fee) Appy Couple is...

The Truth About a Healthy Pregnancy

The last 19 weeks have been the hardest of my LIFE. Things have happened where I had zero control and that was a really hard reality to deal with mentally.


Initially I felt better, stronger, then, quickly the words of those around me started getting to me. "She's anorexic" "you're too skinny" "you're too thin" "are you even eating?"

Soulmate Workout

  It’s amazing how simple, dynamic moves can seriously define...