Brooke’s Must Have-Apps for Wedding Planning!

Appy Couple (FREE APP, $35 one-time website/app setup fee)

Appy Couple is seriously more detailed and interactive than any wedding consultant can bean is an app and website combination that helps you set up your own customized wedding app/site. The app is free, but through the website you will need to pay a $35 one-time fee, and then you’ll have your own wedding planner! Much better than the $2,000 I was quoted for one here in Louisville. This app/website combo will give you everything you need to create a personalized digital wedding space, plus a handy RSVP service for guests. All of the info about your big day is contained within the app, including event timelines, maps, custom polls, shareable pics, travel arrangements, e-meet the bridal party, messages between attendees, venue details, gift registries and even shareable info. Guests can add photos via the app, complete with filter and effect options! 

Notable Features I LOVE:

  • RSVP notifications
  • RSVP reminders
  • Maps, calendar, dress code, bar list, childcare options and so much more!
  • Your personal guest concierge for Hotels, Flights, Things To Do so your guests are taken care of without the need to contact you or family members during the weekend of your event!
  • Guests can RSVP from the app or the website
  • Visual chronicle of your journey
  • Connect your Email or Facebook to build your guest list
  • Private and group chats, push messaging, Announcements, song requests and more
  • Push notifications (app) or email alerts when guests request access or RSVP
  • Guests can use point and shoot mode on their app to capture moments in real time or upload photos from your website. All photos go to your gallery! Add effects, enhance, and crop photos!
  • Share photos from your gallery on social media or via email/text message
  • Add YouTube and/or Vimeo links to Stories, Events or Travel
  • INSTANT MESSAGING: You and your guests can connect with the wedding party, selected guests, the Wedding Planner, the DJ or anyone you choose β€” all from your app or your wedding website
  • Countdown to the big day
  • DAY-OF PHOTO STREAM: When the countdown ends, a broadcast of live images stream to your app! This is great for those who couldn’t make it!
  • AIRPLAY: Stream photos from your gallery in real-time (even as your guests take them) or go EPIC and project your story on the big screen DURING the reception!! How cool!
  • Virtual champagne toasts that sparkle and start the celebrations early!
  • Add a secret puzzle to reveal hints as you go along!
  • The app is a FREE download for your guests and you, the only fee is the initial, one-time fee of $35 for you to build all of these features for your app and for your website. It is extremely user friendly!

Get started by creating an account at Choose your design and start personalizing your app. Then send coordinating invitation emails to guests to join the party!

SIGN-IN: Guests need a Wedding Code to log in/attend a wedding. 

DEMO: To see what Appy Couple can do for your wedding, download the app and swipe left to view a DEMO wedding!

WeddingHappy (FREE) – For Wedding Planning

This free app is ranked high in the wedding category of apps and ranked above The Knot. Here are some features of this free app: 

  • WeddingHappy asks for your anticipated wedding date. Then they build you a customized schedule with a to-do checklist and suggested due dates. You can change any of the tasks and dates.
  • Vendor management and Contacts integration. Associate tasks with specific vendors.
  • Find wedding professionals. Integrated with Yelp to help you locate vendors for your wedding. Contact them directly from WeddingHappy.
  • Calendar support. Add tasks as events to your Calendar.
  • Notifications. You’ll get notified when tasks are due.
  • Export & Email. Send the entire schedule and all vendor information to your friends and family.
  • Email individual tasks to yourself, your friends or your future spouse.
  • Dashboard overview to show the wedding planning progress.
  • Post your updates to Facebook and Twitter.
  • No network connection required. You can use WeddingHappy in the subway or in airplane mode

Loverly Weddings (FREE) – For Wedding Inspiration!

With our super smart planning platform, you can search and shop hundreds of thousands of highly curated images by category, color, and theme. Find wedding ceremony ideas, wedding hairstyles, wedding cakes, decor ideas, and signature cocktails. And shop wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, wedding invitations and stationery, groomsmen attire, and more.

  • Browse the highly curated galleries full of beautiful big day ideas.
  • Organize your inspiration by saving your favorite finds into bundles.
  • Stay in the know. Tap the β€œPopular” tab to see the latest wedding trends and bundles in real time.
  • Search smarter. Explore wedding day ideas by style, theme, color, or category.
  • Pick your palette. Use the color search bar to determine your wedding day colors.
  • Share your bundles. Send ideas to friends and family via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, text, and email.
  • Snap and save. Take photos of your finds and save them to your private mobile bundles.
  • Sign in to sync up. Create a account and easily access it from our site or your mobile phone.

The Knot Wedding Planner (FREE)

If you’re looking for a FREE app that allows you to look through wedding inspiration, track your budget, make to-do lists as well as get inspired looking through past weddings, this app is it! It definitely doesn’t have near the functionality like Appy Couple, but it is a great place to start when you are starting to plan your wedding! Appy couple is great once most of the initial planning is completed.

Keep in mind, when I was searching for venues in Louisville, KY for our wedding, it tends to show the “advertised” venues first. Of course, it doesn’t tell you those are advertised, but a lot of those are actually not the highest ranked venues, and some were downright awful…I won’t mention them πŸ™‚ In my opinion, word of mouth and asking around is the best option when finding vendors! You’ll also find that many wedding planners you might higher, get a “cut” to refer you to specific vendors as well as vendors getting “cuts” from the wedding planning service. Which is FINE, but you want to make sure you like each vendor that is “recommended” and ask around first! Here are some features I like:

  • Get inspired! See 50,000+ IDEAS from Real Weddings and filter photos by category and colors!
  • Find your VENDORS – reception spaces, photographers, and more! We have 200,000+ wedding vendors in all categories!
  • Keep on task! WEDDING CHECKLIST is personalized just for you
  • Get your budget and track payments with and easy-to-use BUDGET TOOL
  • Update your Guest List on the go!
  • Save, store + send all your clippings + photos
  • Access and update all your tools from on the go!

The Knot: Wedding LookBook (FREE) – for finding a wedding dress!

Search for your wedding dress by style, color, designer or just look through and browse for your perfect dress!

  • Get listings of wedding dress salons that carry the dresses and designers you want to try on.
  • View gowns for the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride and flower girl by style, shape and price.
  • Bookmark your favorites for later.

Zola Registry (FREE)

Zola is a must-have! This is an amazing digital solution for building a registry. Create a truly personal wedding registry and fill it with the gifts you really want: from registry essentials by the leading brands to memory-making experiences, honeymoon funds, and more.

Make it your own with your photos and notes to your guests, and add new gifts anytime, anywhere.

With Zola’s wedding registry app you can:

  • Start your wedding registry on your iPhone, then edit it on the go or on the couch with your partner
  • Tell your story with your own photos, collections, and notes
  • Add Gifts. Browse and add thousands of registry items for home and for play, as well as experiences and honeymoon funds
  • Play. Have fun with BLENDER: it’s like Tinder for wedding gifts. Browse our entire selection, one at a time, and swipe right to add to your registry or swipe left to pass.
  • Scan. Use our barcode scanner to scan any gift anywhere onto your registry using your iPhone camera
  • Be flexible. Turn on Group Gifting, and let guests contribute as much as they want to any giftSwipe right to add an item to your registry or left to pass it up. See something you just have to have on the go? Use the app to scan barcodes!
  • You can also add cash/honeymoon funds to your wishlist or enable guests to pool funds for big-ticket gifts, like the Vitamix blender you’ve been craving! This is a must have!

Mint App and (FREE)

I absolutely LOVE this app. I’ve used it for over a year now and can’t say enough great things about it! It’s like your own little financial advisor. In order to avoid overspending on your wedding, turn to Mint’s budget-tracking app. Hoping to allocate a certain amount to food to afford your dream venue? Mint will break it down for you in an easy, visual way. Manage your purchasing habits, even trigger alerts so you know how much you have left in the budget at all times. Mint will help you realize that no, you don’t need all those extras for your wedding that you “think” are int he budget. You will get a alert for overspending in a certain area reserved for the wedding. 


Also, it might be a great idea to start adding fitness and health into your wedding planning agenda! Not only do you want to look incredible on your wedding day and FEEL incredible…but you also want to make sure your health is A-ok during all of the planning and the weeks leading up to the wedding! Optimal health is #1 on my planning list, so I decided to create a private Facebook group where brides-to-be are all teaming up to get fit before their big day! If you are interested in joining, fill out the form below! We will all be completing an at-home fitness program along with meal plans and sharing tips and tricks for the wedding! 

Fill out my online form.



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