Food Prep

Food Prep: If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail.


How many times have you gotten home from work, starving, and just tried to grab anything in sight? More than likely, those things that are easiest to grab, are the most processed. It is important to plan your meals and have snacks readily available for when you need them most! Follow these tips for food prepping!

– Decide what meals you are going to eat for the week.  Remember to try and eat every 2-3 hours. Write down what you are going to cook and make your grocery list. We choose 2-3 “staple” meals and eat on those throughout the week.

– Designate one or two day(s) per week to prep all of your food. My days are Sundays and Wednesdays.

– Having food prepped will give you more time during the week to devote to your workouts or just relax! – I make sure I cut up all my veggies on Sundays and have them bagged up in baggies so I can just grab them when I get hungry.

– If you prep your food you will always have clean food on hand and no excuse to grab something unhealthy!  The lack of preparation is the perfect formula for failing to meet your goals.

– Cut and chop all veggies and divide into ziploc baggies so you can grab them and go.

I also keep lots of frozen veggies handy so I can place in the  microwave for a quick side. I highly recommend buying the pampered chef steamer! I’ve provided a list below of prep items that make my life a little easier. 🙂 When I leave for work, I will grab my cooler and I’m on my way. Keeping foods and meals in my cooler at work guarantees I’m not snacking on other food laying around in the break room.


Ziploc Bags

Lots of different sized storage containers

Freezer bags

Pampered Chef Steamer

Cooler or large lunch bag