Full-time Income as a Health and Fitness Coach


My face when I saw my weekly Beachbody Coaching check this morning my eyes were really that big! 

I even needed to put on my awesome dental loupes just to clarify that the numbers I was seeing were real!

With this one week’s paycheck, I could pay:
– my mortgage
– my car payment (it ain’t cheap (hint: it’s over $500 — I got stuck in a lease situation  but out soon  don’t judge me )
– my health insurance (out-freaking-rageous)
– car insurance
– cellphone bill 
– Fiona’s (our puppy) tickets to fly with us to Florida in a few weeks

Yes…that’s ONE week’s check! 

I’ve watched my income double each month by giving MYSELF a promotion. You either work your whole life building someone else’s dreams or you go for your own. 

I’m not saying this to “brag”. I’m saying this because quite honestly, I have been shocked by the growth every single week. 

I was that person over here like — this is totally a pyramid scheme and I had every doubt and fear in the world! I questioned becoming a coach and questioned remaining a coach because I didn’t see the bigger picture! I saw success stories and thought, “Yep, they’re just lucky and that success is rare” — then I aligned myself with the leaders in my coaching business and really got to know them. 

THEY WERE JUST LIKE ME when they started! 

– they were not health and fitness experts. 
– they were not salespeople 
– they had fears of failing 
– they failed…a lot 
– they didn’t have a perfect body or perfect image — what they heck is perfect anyway?
– they didn’t have a huge group of friends 
– they didn’t have a huge social media following 

They were just the mentors I needed and I’m so glad they have also become my friends! 

Now, I realize, I get to be that mentor for so many — especially to those who are capable of greatness, but just can’t see that big picture. Yet. Ok, more like a freaking billboard. Those who just don’t think it is possible — I can’t wait to prove you wrong, because you will be right here in a year thinking, “dang it, she was right”

If you are interested in become a coach on my team, I would love to talk to you about the amazing possibilities that are out there for you! Please fill out this form and I would contact you ASAP!


Fill out my online form.

This is NOT an opportunity to start a J-O-B. This is not all about making money…or being a part of some get rich quick scheme. This is about joining a sorority of other ladies just like YOU would are all just looking to make the world a better place, while making their’s the best it can be! This is about working towards YOUR goals and helping lift others UP along the way! I would not be offering this Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity to all of you as well as my time to mentor you, if I didn’t truly believe in it and all it has to offer!

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I'm a lover of life, fitness, food and sharing my story with others! I love helping others smash goals and gain confidence, while creating a life they love!

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