Maternity Pictures: To Do or Not to Do?

So thankful I decided to get maternity pictures done! Even the maternity boudoir pics on the left that I was terrified to do! They seriously bring tears to my eyes and will help me remember these moments forever!

Thank you so much Portraits by Irene Bibee for making me feel so comfortable and absolutely beautiful! I will cherish these pictures SO much more than I even do now!

By the way, if you are following me here on my personal page, you will notice it has gotten kind of quiet πŸ˜‰ It’s because I can no longer accept all the friend requests coming my way, so I had to make a switch over to me like page! I love you all and want you to come follow me on my like page—>>>BrookeFit

I have been updating everyone with my pregnancy journey and life over there <3

Don’t worry, you can also still follow my public posts on this page by clicking “follow”, but I will no longer be posting over here, which means you won’t see much!

Baby Theodore is set to arrive soon and we plan to share that journey with everyone, so make sure you follow me at my like page to be updated on his arrival! <3

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