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What is PiYo?



Chalene Johnson took the very best Pilates and yoga-inspired moves and cranked up the speed to give you full throttle cardio, strength, and flexibility training – all at once. PiYo packs it ALL into each workout so you can build lean muscle mass – as you’re burning crazy calories.

How? You’ll use your body weight to perform a series of continuous, targeted moves, to burn fat as you redefine every single muscle. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

The result? Problem areas become no problem. You’ll get sleek, long arms, sexy, flat abs, a tight, lifted butt, and the confidence that comes from knowing you’re at your best!

It’s a 60 Day Program, made up of 8 workouts and 1 bonus workout when you order through me or a Team Beachbody Coach. If you don’t have a coach, contact me and I’d be happy to have you in our very first PiYo Challenge Test Group launching July 7th! I know this will fill fast, just like my 21 Day Fix Test Group, so if you want in, you have to commit! Did I mention there’s going to be a $100 prize for the best transformation?

Who is This Program For?

ANYONE!!! Whether you’re new to working out, or a seasoned veteran, this program is for you. There will be a modifier for every move for those just starting out!



The workouts will be 25-45 minutes in length. Watch the video below for more information about the program!




How Much Does PiYo Cost?…or should we say…how much is your health worth?

For the program itself it will only be $59.95 but if you’re going to join our Test Group, you’ll want to pair your workouts with Shakeology! I’m assuming it’ll be on sale for either $140 or $160 with FREE SHIPPING based on the program price point and the discount they had on Focus T25 last year when it launched. My guess is it will also ONLY be available as Challenge Pack when it first comes out, so those who want to be in the Test Group will need to purchase the Challenge Pack to not only get the best results, but to get the program in time for the start of the group on July 7th.

Buying a Challenge Pack is honestly the BEST DEAL EVER when a program is just released. Why? – If you went to order Shakeology right now, you would be paying $129.99 with shipping. Usually totaling over $138. When you purchase a Challenge Pack of a program that is just released, Beachbody has dramatically cut the price of the Challenge Pack and they provide free shipping! Perfect example: the 21 Day Fix Launch. They sold the Challenge Pack at a price of $140 with free shipping. You were basically getting the 21 Day Fix program for $2!!! Then, after month one, it went up to $160 + shipping! Why else should you buy the Challenge Pack? Because you NEED the Shakeology!!!


What Comes with a Challenge Pack?

  • Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology—The Healthiest Meal of the Day, delivered through Home Direct, our autoship program that ensures timely delivery of Shakeology to your doorstep every month.*
  • A FREE 30-day trial membership in the Team Beachbody Club, where you’ll find all the support you’ll need to complete your Challenge.
  • Plus FREE standard shipping!
  • You will be included in our private, exclusive Facebook Group that will offer you FULL support and knowledge throughout the 60 days. This will include diet/nutrition support to get the best results!
  • PiYo Nutrition Guide
  • PiYo Workout Calendars
  • FREE Beachbody Coach to help you along your journey! It’s like having a personal trainer 24/7! Don’t have a coach? Contact me at brookedorsett@gmail.com and I will guide you in the right direction!
  • Exclusive Bonus Workout DVD

What is Shakeology and Do I Need it to Participate in the Test Group?


Shakeology simplifies your nutrition with a convenient daily shake that helps you increase energy, become more regular, lose weight, and feel great. A combination of antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, and 75+ rare superfoods to give your body the essential nutrients you can’t get from a normal diet…no matter how well you eat! YES, all of our Challengers try Shakeology for at least the first month of the Challenge. Honestly, though, all of our challengers who use Shakeology, always get THE BEST results. Without Shakeology, you’re missing a piece to the puzzle. If after the first promotional month you don’t like it…send it back!!! There’s a 30 day money back guarantee on ALL Shakeology orders and all Beachbody products! Isn’t that amazing? No risk involved to better your health! Although, I find, that people stick with Shakeology for life after one month of feeling optimal!

Want to Save Even More? Become a Team Beachbody Coach on My Team!


There are many benefits in becoming a Team Beachbody Coach, including saving 25% on your product orders like PiYo. Whether your passion is helping people get fit, making a little extra money, or being your own boss, becoming a Team Beachbody coach offers unlimited opportunities. Contact me through this contact form on the page, or email me at brookedorsett@gmail.com for more information.

When Will the Program be Available?

The program will be released to coaches on 6/23/2014 at the Coach Summit in Las Vegas, however YOU will get first access that day as soon as the program launches as live and for sale if you sign up for free on this email collector. You will be sent an email as soon as the program launches! Click www.PiYoTBB.com?referringRepId=306170 to make sure you get the program before it is sold out. I witnessed this with T25, P90X3 and the 21 Day Fix. Listen to me when I say IT WILL SELL OUT and be on backorder!! Don’t miss being a part of our exclusive challenge group!! Contact me for more details!

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