Welcome Baby Theodore Carter Lipoff

Baby Theodore Carter Lipoff arrived at 11:04pm on 7/20 after about 30-40 minutes of pushing! I actually had to stop pushing because he was coming so fast! He weighs 7.7lbs and 20.5 inches long and healthy! He is a breastfeeding pro, already strong and lifting his head up πŸ‘€πŸ‘Άand just super alert and wide-eyed!

We had some issues earlier in the day with his heart rate dropping and I was ready to just get him out because it was worrying me so much but my amazing doc assured me he would be ok and we could still go for the vaginal birth. Come to find out, the cord was wrapped around his little neck twice, but he was perfectly ok! I watched in the mirror the whole time (totally recommend this to help you guide your baby out and see how amazing it all is) and was blown away with what my body was capable of!!

Our Doctor and nurses were amazing and guided us through it all as Jason and Cari helped me through pushing!πŸ™ I was so depleted after going about 30 hours with no food or drinks 😭 but I would do the induction all over again! ( a lot of people asked – yes I got the epidural after 5cm and will share my experience about all that but I got it JUST in time, if not a little late!)

He slept through most of the night and would have slept the whole time had my alarm not gone off for medicine πŸ‘Ά I slept the best I have in 9 months lol. So rested this morning!

He’s super chill and just staring at me right now (see last pic added) as I’m waking up and daddy is getting some more shut eye! He’s such a happy and content little guy!

They always say how in love you will be with your baby when he arrives but they never mention how much deeper in love with your spouse or significant other you become in the blink of an eye. πŸ’ž Jason has been amazing this entire pregnancy and last night when it was just him, me and baby Theo, we just chatted about everything! We know life as we know it has changed and it will take adjusting and learning and we are ready to take it on. I loved that we are able to talk on a deeper level with all our exhaustion πŸ˜‚ with each other and share our feelings, anxieties, fears and especially our life dreams with each other πŸ™Œ That’s why we didn’t check back in last night – just wanted those moments for us and our new little family πŸ™

Thank you all for your kind words and showing us such love, support and compassion!

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